Meet young Guyanese/Surinamese artist Kodzo Wilkinson born in Suriname to Guyanese parents Kodzo Wilkinson was and is a teacher by profession but an artist at heart. His teaching career began about nine years ago as an art teacher at Queens College, one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Guyana. There, he spent one year and then continued to teach at Marian Academy; one of the leading private learning institutions, for eight years. Kodzo then returned to the land of his birth, to pursue his passion, doing what truly makes him happy.

The talented young man gave students tools which enabled them to think outside the box, bringing out their creativity and pushing the limits of their imagination. In the process, the impressionable young minds learnt to be more disciplined and more responsible.

Wilkinson can be described as selfless, considerate and also determined and outspoken. Kodzo is versed in designing and decorating, which ranges from fashion, to make-up, to relationship advice. But without knowing it, most of Kodzo’s own experiences were learning lessons for his sibling. His decision to leave everything behind and return to Suriname to make his dream a reality in itself proved his temerity – how brave and fearless he really is – in pursuit of his dreams and happiness.

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