Warda Marica began her career as a crafter in 2004. Her curiosity about the art of methalsmith, working with precious methal like silver and gold, made her choose the study of jeweler-methalsmith. She studied at Syntra Metropool in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2009 she finished as aspirant- methalsmith. She soon started to work under her label Warda Marica Jewelry.

  • In 2009 en 2010 she participated at two expositions in Belgium “Bertem Extraordinary”
  • In oktober2012 she participated at the National Art Fair in Suriname.
  • June 2013 Was the year of the Fashionweeks : Fashion week of French Guyana and Suriname
  • August 2013 Fashion Grand Cultural market Carifesta XI (organised by her company Suriname ’N Style)
  • Oktober 2013 Guyana Fashion week

Because Warda Marica started with beading techniques, her pieces get that typical Warda Marica “look” .

Her work is typified as follows: A central piece in silver or gold, often combined with gemstones (or other materials). The piece in precious metal often has an edgy look, which is seen as a trademark in her work.

Warda Marica dares to use other materials such as paper, postage stamps, plastic bags (january 2014) or textiles in her collection. This collection with was first publically shown during Fashion Week in Georgetown, Guyana, October 2013.

She is also active in Suriname ‘N style and also with The Fashion House. With Suriname ’N Style she is responsible for Suriname Fashion Week and The Fashion House is a Pop up store which give a platform to young, unknown designers. Often a designer known in the business also attend.

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